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The Crisis of a Graduate Nurse.


Where do we go from here? —That’s the question in our minds now. Around 2-3 months ago, we have earned our degree as Bachelor of Science in Nursing and after that, we immediately started reviewing for our Board Exams which will commence on June  30 and July 1.

The Board Exams is a huge part of our career as nurses. Failure means a set back from working for 1 more year. 1 more year of reviewing, staying at home, not being able to work and being dependent for money. 

1 more month to review before board exams and then what next? Will we be able to find work when there is a surplus of nurses in our country? What career path will we take? Will our salaries be enough? These are only some of the questions running through my mind.

On another note, another career path some of my classmates took was to go into medicine school. Here’s how than pans out for them: 4 years medicine school, 1 year internship, 1 year studying for board exams + board exams itself, 3-4 years residency. So that’s about 10 more years for them.

Medicine school has started now and it makes me a bit sad to see my friends scatter to the different schools. We never even have proper goodbyes. There’s just this feeling of sadness hanging over our heads for the last day of review. We didn’t even feel graduation sadness because 3 days after graduation, we were back to our classrooms for our review sessions. It sort of gives me this feeling of being left behind as I see them post on Facebook their new schools. My best friend is going to medicine school and I feel as though things will never be the same again. We were classmates in school and our schedules were always the same and now he’s off into medicine and I’m to venture into the great unknown of employment.

I, myself, considered taking up medicine. I wanted to be an Obstetrician and Gynecologist since I excel so much in this subject. But then again, med school is really expensive and I don’t think we can afford it for now. For those with the same situation as me, they say we work first and then earn enough to send ourselves to med school. But how long will that take? And at what age will we be able to finish med school? Could we even have a family at this point?

Marriage— everyone thinks of this at some point. I have discussed here the different thoughts running through our minds now and marriage is part of it. I do want to get married too, but not now. Someday when I have enough savings to start a family. One of my classmates chose a different path, she is now married. For whatever her reason, she looks happy and that’s it. Speaking of marriage, again some thoughts are: When is the right time? Will I ever get married? When will I meet the right person? And for those who have their special someone going into med school, it’s about a 5-10 year wait for them. 

Anxiety is defined as the vague uneasy feeling of discomfort or a feeling of dread. Right now, I, a graduate nurse am a bit lonely about the state of things now and anxious about what the future will hold for me. Whatever happens, I know I can do this. I know God will always be there to guide me.

So I’ll just raise my chin up, keep moving forward and keep hoping for the best. :)

Have a nice day everyone and thank you for reading.

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